Titus Varis

Navagator of noble birth.


Homeworld: Holy Terra (Shrine World)
Occupation: Navigator
Description: Titus is tall and well feed. His skin is near albino in color and his hair is blond and kept short. His eyes are pitch black as the void and is often seen wearing goggles in public. He always dresses as a House noble is expected to at causal affairs and wears armor under his robes when formal occasions dictate.


Titus was born on Holy Terra some 28 years ago to a noble house of Navigators. His duty to his house and emperor is only outmatched by his duty to humanity. Titus believes that his blessings as a noble must be paid by serving all mankind. He serves by doing his part to help push the boundaries of man kind further into the void. Titus treats peers with the respect their rank demands and he is kind and merciful in his dealings with serfs.

Titus Varis

Inheritor of Koronus Boomstickash