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Inheritor of Koronus is a campaign that aims to dive head first into the dark sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000 gun’s a’blazen. The game of Rogue Trader focuses on one of the main themes of 40k: Exploration. It does this by allowing the player to step into the role of mankind’s greatest explorers and conquistadors the legendary Rogue Trader and his crew. The Inheritor of Koronus campaign will feature game play driven by Exploration, Investigation, Strategy, Combat and heroic Roleplaying. I as a GM look at these elements of play with equal value.

Here on the “Inheritor of Koronus” Obsidian Portal page the Game Master and Players tell the story of the campaign though the editing of the wiki. Player participation on this site will be rewarded with experience points to be used in game.

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The Lord Inquisitor


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Inheritor of Koronus

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